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Away We Go


After posting every single day for exactly six weeks, taking two days off made me feel like I was slacking!  Though I haven’t been doing blog posts, I’ve still been very busy with cleaning and organizing.  The Studio has improved a lot, though not as dramatically as moving furniture around.  Since I last reported in, here’s what I’ve done:

The Sewing Table

sewing table

Love the sweet little thread rack


I’m about halfway done with this.  The thread racks are full and organized, the Serger thread and manual have been given a home, and I’ve roughed out how I plan to use the shelf space inside.  It’s also served as a staging/sorting area as I go through the small bins of craft supplies.  I set up four plastic shoeboxes, designating them for Pins & Needles; Elastic; Trim & Ribbon; and Interfacing/Boning (shush, you non-sewing types…boning is not what you might think!).  I’ve also sorted out scissors, thread snips, and marking pens/chalk.

The great thing about the sewing table is that it will hold ALL of my sewing supplies.  I had originally planned to have cube space dedicated to sewing supplies but now I don’t have to.  I’ll have everything at hand when I sew, which means no more hunting for specific things I need.

Plans for the FUTURE:  I’ll continue to use it as a staging area and once I’m done, I’ll move my Brother sewing machine over to live there permanently.  When the weather is nicer, I’ll refinish the table and give it some new hardware.  The poor table needs a little TLC, but it’ll have to wait until later this year.

The Cube Shelves

back wall

This used to be where the sewing table lived – remember the massive pile?

Biggest change so far!  The cube shelves have been moved to their new home on the back wall (the wall with the door to the room).  By putting them together I have essentially created a bank of shelves.  There are two units of 3×3 cubes, each 1 cubic foot in size.  One full unit has been claimed by my crafting and yarn supplies.  There’s a cube each for Knitting; Drawing; Calligraphy; Needlework; Beads; Jewelry; Spinning Wheel Bobbins & Flyers; General Spinning; and General Crafting.  I’ve switched from fabric drawers to clear plastic bins of specific types.  Sadly, the bins I liked most are no longer made, but I had several on hand in different areas of the house.  I’ve been switching them out with other more appropriate storage and collecting all the similar style bins in the Studio.  At least I can be consistent this far!

Labeled white cubes

The stuff on top is in transition, waiting for the rail to be installed.

The other 3×3 unit will house my main yarn & fiber stash, also in clear bins.  This is going to be a drastic change from the past.  I’m cutting down on my stash by about half, not counting my fleeces and the bags of Grammy yarn.  (Those will be stored separately.)  But my smaller bumps of fiber and skeins of yarn will have to fit in the cubes, or they’ll have to go.  After the upcoming Big Purge of the damaged stuff, I shouldn’t have too much of an issue with storing the remaining stash. :(

Plans for the FUTURE:  The Big Purge is probably going to happen over the weekend or next week.  I really want to get my stuff organized and I’m nearly done with the small things, so I’m just about ready.

Atop the Cube Shelves

Having the cube shelves together in one spot has given me a single 6-foot-long shelf to use for storage, too!  The Serger will live here when it’s not in use.  I’ll also keep the cute white lamp with the green and white shade on here as well.  The outlet on the back wall is connected to the light switch, so I have just enough light to work in the room without fumbling for a lamp in the dark.

Plans for the FUTURE:  I’m going to install a metal rail from Ikea, from which I’ll hang tins of varying sizes to hold my spindles, knitting needles, and crochet hooks.  I’ve also made a circular needle holder (for which I’ll create a tutorial, because super cool) that will hang on the wall, too.  This should keep the shelf fairly clear of “stuff”.  

circ holder

Now I just need a place to hang this

Other Stuff for the Studio

  • The big table is still in the room, but it’s leaving soon.  I may just leave it in there until Lilith is ready to take it with her in a few weeks.  It’s easier than carrying it down to the basement and then back up.  Until then, I’m using it as a work surface as I organize.
  • On Friday, my dad and I are getting a pair of chairs from my inlaws.  One is going to the living room to replace the big green chair, and the other will come up to the Studio.  I’m really looking forward to having a cozy chair to sit in as I work!
  • We’ll also be hanging up my table loom, which has been in desperate need of a safe space to live when it’s not in use.
  • I also have to paint the chalkboard space and put up the wall mounted desk.
  • When everything is in, I’ll fix the curtains to hang properly over the window.
  • Last, I’d like to put up some crown moulding.  The ceiling/wall seams are pretty yucky.  I’m going to talk to my dad about his suggestions.  I’m thinking something simple and pretty but not too plain.  Lots of moulding comes already painted white, making it easy to work with.

That’s really it, though…the room is seriously coming along.  I have been taking pics along the way, as you know, and I think when it’s done, I’m planning to submit it to Cloth Paper Scissors Studios.  It’s come SO far from its dreary beginnings that I can’t wait to share it with the world.

New Posting Schedule

I’d like to try out a new posting schedule for a while.  Starting next week (March 3), on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I’ll continue to blog about the cleaning journey.  There’s still so much to do, but as I ease back into my normal life, it won’t be my 100% focus anymore.  Tuesdays will be about crafting – knitting, spinning, needlework, art, and more.  This is when I’ll show off the stuff I’m working on for myself and my clients.  Thursdays will feature posts about writing.  I’ll start off with a series on writing advice that I wrote a couple of years ago.  I’ve since edited it, so even if you saw it back then, you might find something new. 

Weekends will be less regular; if I have something to say then I’ll post, but I don’t plan to do a lot of blogging on Saturdays or Sundays.  A girl needs a break sometimes, you know!

I hope you stick around for the next part of my cleaning & decluttering journey, and for the other stuff, too.  Talk to you soon!

Oh, I updated my Etsy shop again with some stitch markers.  Watch the shop for yarn and fiber from the Big Purge.  I promise I’m not going to sell anything damaged; I just know I’m getting rid of a lot of really nice stuff soon.

Tell me what you think.

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