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Shining Around


Tuesdays are for crafting, y’all, though I don’t have much on the needles.  The Noro flower scarf has gained a few blooms, though I’m still finishing up the first of four sections.  Though I’m starting to wonder if I should make this scarf three rows or four.  I don’t tend to wear very wide scarves, and once blocked, I think this will be quite wide enough at three.  Originally I’d planned to make it a wrap, but I don’t know that I would wear it as such.  I’m going to finish this half, then do the other half, and decide on how many more rows to add later.

Here’s a bit of a mock up of how the scarf would be laid out, simplified for color.

scarf mockup jpg


The other project I’m actively working on is a sweet little knitted sun-shaped pillow called “Shining Around” (Ravelry link).  The pattern is written for bulky yarn and size US13 needles, and it has 9 rays.  I am only doing 8 rays in a worsted weight yarn, on size US7 needles.  I’ve had to alter how many rows and stitches each ray needs, and I’m going to do the decreases differently, too.  But the pattern is still really useful.  So far, I have 1 1/2 rays done.  I’m thinking about doing four of the rays in the main yellow – Malabrigo in a deep gold – and the other four rays in some brighter yellow Brown Sheep Co. worsted that I used in another project.  The pillow is for my studio, so I’m sticking with the sun theme.

I’m really, REALLY getting inspired to work on my sewing projects.  I found a whole bunch of them when I went through my fabric stash.  I’m looking forward to getting the machine set up so I can finish them!  The sewing list so far:

  • two pairs of cotton pajama pants that just need hems, a casing, and elastic
  • two brand-new swimsuits that need to be taken in (I got them a couple of years ago but never wore them!)
  • three skirts that need simple mending
  • a cardi that needs mending
  • the purple & pink houndstooth cape, which needs a hem, buttons, arm holes, and a belt
  • a blanket for Lilith
  • a special project for someone who will remain nameless until they receive it
  • and a bunch of small projects for the studio, such as sewing machine covers, scrap bags, and reupholstering a damaged ottoman

There were a few other sewing projects that I need to think about, then decide whether I’m going to finish them or not.  I got rid of a few that had been hanging over my head for some time.  It stung at first, but getting them off my plate for good was very freeing.  There’s still a wool suit that cannot possibly fit me by now, though I loved the pattern when I started it.  I also adored the fabric, a more sedate camel/cream/dark grey wool.  Maybe I can still do something with the fabric.  We’ll see.

I’ve also got some spinning projects that need to be finished.  I‘m back down to three permanent and one babysitting wheel now, which works for me.  There’s a nice balance in what they spin most efficiently.  On the spinning docket are…

Projects on Violette (the purple CPW):

  • laceweight Wensleydale that’s about halfway done (I want to finish it before I take her to another event so I can move on to something less persnickety)

Projects on Charlotte (the Lendrum):

  • pink/white/brown wool/mohair blend to sell
  • beetle-green silk project that has taken me FOREVER to do like 1/4 of the fiber…my goal is to finish that this year.  It would be absolutely stunning in competition, and though I wouldn’t finish it in time for the spring fiber festivals, I could totally get it done by the Fall
  • the second skein of gradient from Fiber Optic (I think I’ve done one ply already and just need to finish the second half, then ply)

Projects on Rosette (the red Ashford Traditional):

  • nothing planned, so I’ll probably grab some undyed wools to spin worsted and bulky yarn to sell.

Can my Studio be finished already?? I am jonesing for a craft!!

Tell me what you think.

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