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Today’s “work” was actually a lot of fun.  Lilith came over in the morning to help me sort through my ribbon and trim collection.  Interestingly, I had only three boxes, not four as I’d thought.  That was a nice surprise!  Going through them only took a couple of hours from start to finish, if not less.  I managed to get rid of a basket full of them (which I’ll share with my friends before I actually get rid of anything) and the rest fit into a single bin.  The bin is only a temporary home, though.  After we put a bunch of them on spools, I found that I could make a two-tier ribbon holder and contain the entire collection!  Until I take an afternoon to build one, I am keeping the spools in the bin on the closet shelf.  They are protected and accessible in the meantime.

ribbons in bin

And of course now I want to make something that uses ribbon…

I’m only pointing this out because it’s an issue I know I have.  I will intend to do a project and get everything set up…then something happens so I can’t do the project.  But then I have all this stuff waiting to be put together or organized or hung up, and then I have to work around it.  Pieces get lost, or trampled, or forgotten.  My first instinct was to just put the ribbon into an open bin “just until” I made the ribbon rack, which I would do “soon”.  But we know how “soon” can turn into “eventually” or even “never”.  So in case I can’t make it to my dad’s wood shop next week, at least I know that the ribbon is safe, clean, and most importantly, out of the way until I need it.  And when I am ready to make the rack, I know exactly where all the ribbons can be found.

The other task I completed was to set up my adorable Vietnamese lanterns!  I got them through the Animal Rescue Site‘s shop several years ago.  I have always wanted to hang them up but couldn’t find the right lights. That is, until Angie spotted them in Pier One!  These lights are LEDs, battery operated, and best of all, they have a universal remote so I can turn them on and off.   There’s even a 2- or 4-hour timer!  I wasn’t sure if I’d like the amber LEDs but they look warm and inviting in the lanterns.


Ignore the hideous ceiling seam…look how cute the lanterns are!

Through Lilith’s suggestion, I hung them from the ceiling using tiny Command adhesive hooks.  I’ll see if they stick, but the adhesive seems to be holding up pretty well despite the popcorn ceiling.  I was going to do them at different heights but at the last minute I remembered the pretty Christmas ornament hooks I found at Target last year.  I think they’re super cute!  And when Dashing saw them, he said that I have the perfect napping spot now that I have a cozy chair and such gentle lighting.  I might have to get some of these for the rest of the house! ;)

I am SO happy to have these two small projects done.  I’m getting closer to finishing the room every day.

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