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A Bit of a Reset


We joke at work that our motto is “BE FLEXIBLE” because in the world of Adult Education, nothing is ever certain.  Funding can change, administrators can adjust things at the last minute, and then there’s the unpredictable student body to consider.  So it goes with life, really.  All the good intentions in the world are for naught if you can’t follow through on them.

I had planned to do a 5-day blog schedule including a day for crafting, three for cleaning, and one for writing.  However, I stalled when drafting the second writing post.  I felt like what I had intended to say didn’t hold much value.  Not that my advice wasn’t worth it, but the way I chose to approach it wasn’t working.  I’ve decided to postpone the writing series until I have at least half of it drafted and organized.  Don’t worry, I’ll come back to it soon!

Cleaning has mostly involved maintenance, though even that has slipped a little.  Once I got out of my all-day-every-day cleaning mode, I let myself relax a little too much.  On the good side, I’ve kept up with the laundry and dishes, both of which were big problems for me before, so I count those as victories.  I also sorted some random bags of craft supplies that I seem to keep finding around the house.  One of them held a second roll of the celestial wallpaper border, so I’m really happy about that. This means I have twice as much as I thought, and I can do something cool with it!

On the crafting front, I finished a really cute pillow for the Studio!

pillow 1

So cute and celestial! <3

I had this yellow Malabrigo yarn in my stash for a couple of years, always intending to do something fun with it.  When I saw the pattern called “Shining Around” (Ravelry link), I knew I had the perfect project.  I wouldn’t have done this a few months ago out of fear that it would be attacked by carpet beetles, but now that the studio has been cleaned, I think it’s safe.  The project took me about a week of sporadic work from start to finish, though I could have probably made it in two days if I’d focused on it.  My extensive edits to the pattern are noted on my Ravelry project page.

It looks like my new goal for blogging will be to just get a post up five times a week.  I’m not going to worry about specific topics because that actually limited me; I didn’t blog after that failed writing post because I felt guilty about missing it, which just meant I didn’t write at all.  That defeats the purpose of blogging in the first place!

So watch for some fun things this week.  I’ve been some cool places and done some fun things, so there’s a lot to talk about.  I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you!

Tell me what you think.

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