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I swear I blinked and it was June. That’s what happens when your head is buried in edits. After MA S&W, I returned to Real Life where my day job was in a whirl — it’s the end of the school year and my department is both wrapping up our budget AND planning Graduation, which is this week — and I had two proofreading clients at one time with deadlines a day apart. This was GREAT, except that in the middle of the first project, I was handed a last-minute project that really needed my help. I worked on that for a few days, sent it off, finished off the one I had interrupted, finished ANOTHER one that was dropped on me with an OMG deadline, and now I’m finally getting to the end of my second scheduled project as well.  I’m like YAY MONEY, but also OMG NO TIME.

My cleaning regimen has been utterly shot to hell.  It’s still way better than it was in January when I first started, but I can feel the mess creeping back. I literally haven’t had the energy to clean. People think my job is super easy because it’s just staring at a computer screen, but my brain is exhausted every night, not to mention my hands are tired from typing and scrolling for hours.  I may not have been on my feet, but I’m still wiped out.  I’m working on staying ahead of things like laundry, at which I’ve been so-so (still no more Floordrobe but I’ve been abysmal about folding the clean clothes) and dishes (which get a little bad every few days but I clear them out fairly regularly, yay new habits).  The coffee table is covered with stuff again, but I’m working on keeping it moving. It got a little bad again but I took 20 minutes the other day to clear it off entirely.

It looks like my biggest obstacle to organization is having a place to put things. Even after getting rid of a lot of stuff, I still have too many things for the storage space I possess. Thus the kitchen counters get messy, the table gets cluttered, and things start to edge their way out into the floor again. It’s really frustrating.

On the plus side, I know that a goodly part of this mess isn’t mine. I have been holding a TON of artwork for JennyJenny, my bff, as she moved recently and her living arrangements for the next year were up in the air for a while. So once that stuff goes, I’ll be able to reclaim some of my floor space back.  The Studio has stayed relatively clean, which is great, and so have the bathrooms.  The hallway is…I don’t want to talk about the hallway. I know it would be another half hour TOPS to put to rights, but again we return to the problem of no energy to do it.  I don’t much like the warm weather, either, so I’m moving extra slowly because everything is sticking to me all the time. Ugh.

I guess this is where I vow to get back on track. I was doing SO well in February but lost my momentum. With a bunch of deadlines behind me, I can plot out my schedule again. It probably won’t be anywhere near as intensive as it was earlier this year, but I will definitely do at least one 20/10 each day IN ADDITION to the dishes/laundry ones that I’ve been maintaining. Wish me luck…

Do you love the summer or are you like me, and happier in the autumn and winter? I’m interested to know what you guys prefer!



  1. My maintenance has been shot since April but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it back under control next month…

    I prefer Autumn, personally. :)

  2. Can’t decide if spring or fall is my favorite. No to summer, to hot- no to winter, cold and snow.

  3. In my schedule each week, I schedule time each day before I make dinner to do a bit of housework. I also devote part of the day on Saturday to laundry or some small project. My house has never been so clean (still not mom clean and never will be). The ideal weekly schedule, which I wrote a post about on my blog, has really helped me stay organized. Love, love, love it!

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