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Tour de Fleece Stage 6


So I finally dove into Tango. I landed on making it into a light DK or fingering weight yarn, but I messed with the colors a bit. I broke it into color sections – there were six repeats – and fluffed them a bit in order to open up the compacted fibers, then spun two bobbins and plied them together. I’m really happy with the final result.

Here’s the finished skein!

Tango 2014, 200 yards

I have spun so much of this over the years that I thought I’d actually be a little bored, but it entranced me just as much this time as it did the first time I spun it. I’m really pleased with the way the colors blended on this skein in particular. You can see where there’s some marling as colors shift; unlike my previous skeins, the color changes should be more organic instead of as defined as they were on previous ones.

And now I gotta decide what to do next!

Tell me what you think.

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