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You would think that drama can’t happen in something as happy as a spinning community, wouldn’t you?

I’m not going into all the gory details here, but if you’re a member of the LJ spinningfiber community, you may have seen that it was deleted by its owner this evening. Many of us have moved over to the handspinning community instead; please, if you’re looking for a replacement for SF, check out HS and read my recent post about what happened (as far as the mods know–we never really got a good explanation from the owner).

In other news, I am expecting a package any day now that contains a pair of dangerous weapons: a pair of LaniCombs fine hand combs! I’m so excited. These are for combing locks of fiber into what is known as ‘top’ in spinning lingo. Once I have them, I will have to post pics of them in action.

This nicely rounds out my fiberworking tool selection. I now own:

  • 1 spinning wheel
  • 1 pair of wool hand cards
  • 1 inkle loom (pics to come when the combs get here)
  • 1 well-loved skeinwinder
  • 7 drop spindles
  • 3 niddy-noddies
  • 2 lazy-kates
  • 2 wrist distaffs (distaves?)
  • and now 1 pair of 2-pitch hand combs!

The only things left on my list of ‘wants’ are a drum carder, a pair of cotton carders, a hackle, and something in/on which to carry my wheel. Maybe eventually a regular tabletop loom, like the Ashford folding loom. None of those things are vital, though, except maybe the wheel carrier, so I think I’m good for the moment.

Lately, my focus has been on producing new yarns for sale. I am spinning some Navajo-Churro fiber (the softer undercoat rather than the wiry topcoat) and next up is what appears to be Falkland or other domestic wool top in pastel blues & greens. I have a bit of mohair top in different colors, which may become a selection of artistic yarns, and then some more of the Bodas de Sangre to add to what’s there already. I also haven’t added the yarns I just finished spinning (those pics from last entry) to the shop, so watch for them to go up!

This weekend is my favorite kind of Saturday: GUILD DAY! I look forward to it every time.

Oh! And today I spent the day with my mom; it was her Christmas gift that I would take her to lunch one day when she really needed it. At the time, though, I didn’t realize she was about to retire (it was kind of sudden–a Golden Handshake) so I just told her to let me know when she wanted to go out with me and I’d make the time. So today was it. We went to a local upscale mall and shopped at Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Talbots, etc…but Lane Bryant was my main girl yet again. Through the fancy wielding of coupons, returns, store sales, and savvy math, I walked out with $389 worth of clothing but only spent $56 out of my own pocket. DEAL OF THE CENTURY. I now own some cute coordinating tops to fill out my sadly lacking wardrobe, as well as a pair of killer linen pants and an adorable hot pink jacket. I have grownup clothes! Best thing about it is that I can now wear all 3 of the awesome skirts my mom got me for Christmas and my birthday–which means I actually have new pretty clothes for a friend’s wedding this summer. Score! Bonus: I won’t look like a slob every time I go to work, either!

Also, I decided to take the 3 pairs of jeans I own to the tailor to have them taken in. I simply CAN NOT find a pair of jeans without spandex or any kind of stretch. Anywhere. They don’t exist for women anymore, I am convinced. Since jeans are the one thing I HATE to sew, I’m going to take these to my favorite seamstress to have them fitted properly. I bought them when I was two sizes bigger; now I wear a belt to which I had to ADD two holes just to keep them up. They’re in good condition, so it’s worth getting them altered. I have to have the new linen pants shortened anyway, so I might as well get them all done at once! (And because there’s so much that has to come off the hem of the linen pants, I’m going to ask for the excess fabric so I can make a coordinating bag!)

…I am so lame sometimes. But you guys don’t mind, right?



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  1. Drama at a fiber related activity?! Never. ;)

    *cough cough*

    Gratz on teh clothes bargain shopping. You made out like a bandit!

    Nah, your lameness never bothered me. ;) As long as mine doesn’t bother you! hahaha

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