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Tour de Fleece Stage 7


With Tango done, I came to kind of a standstill.  In the past few weeks, between Tour de Fleece and the time leading up to it, I have spun almost 1/3 of my colored fiber stash. (I say that because my undyed stash is still pretty huge!)  I have powered through things that have been sitting on a bobbin for years, or have been half-finished, or simply have been waiting for “the right moment” without a plan. But once Tango was in the skein, I wasn’t sure where to go next.

If I continued the way I’m going, by the end of the Tour I would have spun up the vast majority of my stash. I haven’t been in that position since I began spinning in 2004! I didn’t really WANT to finish it all up, either. I have certain projects in mind for certain fibers, and I’m not in the mood to spin them at the moment. But one project has been on my mind for a very long time, and I think this might be “the right moment” for it to be finished.

I bought this incredible silk brick at a Guild meeting in about 2009.  I began work on it at once, spinning it as fine as I possibly could.  I got to this point:

Jeweled silk by eXtreme Spinning

…and there I stopped, for about a year or so. The concentration of spinning that much fiber, that fine, was hard for me to manage. Every so often I’d drag out the bobbin and fiber and add a bit here and there. I spun a little at the Big E, and a little more when I was sick. Now the bobbin is about half full, and it doesn’t look like I’ve touched the fiber at all.

SO I think that, with just over two more weeks to go in this Tour de Fleece, I’m going to focus on this yarn and this yarn alone. Consider it my mountain, the huge obstacle for me to overcome. I’ll still take breaks with other fibers (I’ve got some tiny odds & ends to spin up) but this is going to be the main project for the rest of this event. Because it’s silk and I’m spinning it about as fine as a hair from my head, a little will go a LONG way. I have about 8oz here.  I will be thrilled if at very least, I can fill two bobbins with singles by July 27 when the Tour de France ends. I will probably still have a ton of fiber left over, but I’ll also have hundreds of yards of yarn to show for my effort!

Cheer me on, if you think of me; this race just got serious.

Tell me what you think.

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