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Tour de Fleece Stage 9


Still rolling along with the green silk! I am making a lot of progress, even though it still looks like I’ve barely touched the fiber.

I love to spin fine yarns; my friend Marcy (an insanely skilled spinner who never has fewer than five spindles on her person at all times) teases me by asking me when I’m going to learn to spin fine for once.  :D  It feels like pushing the envelope for me, finding that edge of skill and going beyond it. But I also have very little patience for long projects. I like things that are done NOW or done IN ONE DAY. I don’t want to spend weeks spinning one skein of yarn!

This is born out of a desire to achieve a production level of spinning. The more I produce, the more stock I have to sell, the more I can grow my business. But I haven’t really focused on my spinning business in a while, so I needed to rediscover the joy of spinning, period.

When I attended the Gathering — a weekend spinning retreat put on by the Northeast Handspinners Association — in 2008, I met someone who wore the most beautiful shawl. I marveled at the yarn she’d used, impossibly fine, creating a gossamer lace that seemed almost machine-made. I wanted to achieve THAT yarn. I wanted to spin enough of it to make a shawl of my own.

I’ve spun shawl yarns before; I have several in my stash that are just waiting for the perfect project. But none of them are THAT yarn. I want this silk to be THAT yarn.


Tell me what you think.

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