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Tour de Fleece…Out Due to Injury :(

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So apparently I have injured myself while spinning. The stress of dealing with Dashing’s health issues caused me to find solace and relaxation in spinning the silk.  However, I managed to overdo it so that I pulled a tendon in one of my feet. Even with three days of rest, it still hurts, so I think I’m going to bow out of the race.

Here’s what I achieved, though:

Green silk from eXtreme spinning

That doesn’t mean I have stopped doing yarny things while the Tour is on, though. In place of the spinning, I’ve worked on my sock knitting and have nearly finished a pretty lace shawl.  Since I made some errors in the knitting, I will be re-making the same pattern in a handspun yarn.  Pics of that to come!

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  1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you both recover quickly and don’t need to see a doctor again for a long time.

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