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A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I descended upon our mom’s house to make pickles!!

When I was much younger, Mom used to do lots of canning. We had tomatoes, pickled zucchini, corn and cuke relish, and sometimes peaches, jam, or jelly.  But the thing that we loved the most were her “Sweet Spears”. This time, the daughters got to learn the recipe.

pickles 2014 ready to go 2

The setup, all ready to go!

After setting up a batch of my Babci’s Polish dill pickles with my dad, N and I went out to the garage to make the syrup for the sweet pickles.

pickles 2014 syrup

The syrup smells great, but only from a distance

The recipe isn’t hard at all; it’s a lot less imposing than I thought it was. You boil the syrup ingredients – it is a POTENT brew – and then pour it over the jar of cukes, get the air bubbles out, seal the jar, and put the jar into a pot of boiling water.  After five minutes, the jar comes out, the lid vacuum seals as it cools, and you have a delicious snack all ready to eat.

pickles 2014 nettie

My sister makes her own batch

I would totally do this again. Last year, we did tomatoes, and I might be able to talk my parents into doing another batch this year.

pickles 2014 grandma

Grandma Y helps us put the cukes into jars before we make the syrup

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

While we waited for the pickles to seal up, my sister and I went through a few huge boxes of toys my parents had found whilst cleaning out their attic. That was a trip down memory lane…I’ll have a few pics of that when things settle down here. Dashing has finally (I hope) had his last hospital stay, and I think we’re getting back to normal.  I’ve also been blocking a ton of handknits and crocheted things, so I can’t wait to show them off when they’re dry.

Do you do any preserving or canning in the summertime?  Tell me about it!

Tell me what you think.

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