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Ribbons at the Big E 2014!


This year’s Big E was a pretty good competition in both Creative Arts and Fiber Nook!  I managed to put in several days of demonstrating in both departments, and all of my entries won ribbons of some kind. My handspun shawls didn’t succeed as well as I hoped, but once I got to hear about the judging and what they looked for, I completely understand why I placed the way I did. There were things I didn’t even think about; I will definitely think about that next year when I enter again.

But even if the highest honors were just out of my reach this time around, I can’t complain too much about how I placed overall! I ended up with three Firsts, four Seconds, two Thirds, two Fifths, and a Sixth.  I also won First place in two categories of the Spinning Bee (a timed spinning contest) for Finest and Most Consistent yarn, plus a Sixth overall. I was the only spindle spinner in a group of 11, so I’m actually pretty happy with that placement. If we get another spindler next year, I can be judged in a separate class from the wheel spinners, so that’s something else to work toward.

So here are the pics from this year’s Big E!  I can’t wait to get them all back so I can finally wear them!

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