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Cleaning House: Fall Edition


Sometimes, like many people, I look back and wonder, “where did the summer go?” or “did x weeks just fly by when I blinked?”  This summer has been especially bad for that, though. Since June, Dashing has been in and out of the hospital with a malady that the doctors can’t seem to diagnose; we know what is happening, but not why, and not how to treat it.  Each week has been a blur of ER visits, hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, phone calls to Disability, phone calls to doctors, relaying the latest updates to family…it’s just been a river of stress for both of us.

A few good and cool things have come out of all this; I’ve channeled a lot of that stress into spinning and knitting, which won me a whole whack of ribbons and prizes, so that was fun. I’ve also learned that Dashing actually enjoys British murder mysteries, which is something I never realized before. I know, married to the guy for 13 years (that anniversary just happened on the 13th) and there’s still stuff to discover! We’ve now worked our way through Miss Fisher, Rosemary & Thyme, Poirot, and most of Midsomer Murders.

On the bad side, my cleaning went to a total standstill. I was so proud of my progress in January, February, and March, but I took a break in April and May to plan some parties and deal with tax stuff. I figured I’d get back to it in June and July, when my work slowed down for the summer. But then Dashing got sick, and it’s been the top priority since then. I did keep up the living room closet, the TV stand, and avoided a return of the Floordrobe, which are all accomplishments.  Still, the rest of the house has suffered from a lack of attention and some half-finished tasks that have piled up.  No more!

I could say that the catalyst for cleaning now is that we’ve finally established a kind of holding pattern, where I feel like I can make plans a week out or more. But the real reason I want to finish the job is that our dear friend Angie is moving in with us at the end of November!  We’ve known for a long time that we wanted to move in with her when we eventually emigrate to Maine, but circumstances have caused us to make space for her here in the condo now. Her parents are moving south and selling their home, and we can use the financial help, so it all works out pretty nicely. That means another total reorganization of furniture, and the cleaning can no longer be put off.

This round probably won’t be as blog-heavy as the last, but I do plan to document the progress regularly. A lot of things we established earlier this year have been re-thought, such as how we use the dining room table and where I’m going to put my crafting space now that my studio is turning back into a bedroom. I’m pretty excited about some of the changes, a little overwhelmed by a lot of the work, and above all, I’m seriously looking forward to getting our new housemate. The rest of October and November are going to be all about motion…hope you come along for the ride!

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