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Cleaning House: The Basement, Part II


A few days have gone by since I started on the basement, and progress is definitely happening down there. I’m in the “oh my gosh this is so dull I hate this” phase, which is the part where I go through all the boxes of papers to make sure nothing valuable is being thrown away. It’s worth the trouble–so far, I’ve found three checks that I never cashed and $50 in cash in an unmarked envelope.  All were mixed in with random papers. Every so often, as I do this mind-numbing chore, I ask, “WTF, ME?”  This is a reminder to stay current on my paperwork and to get rid of stuff I don’t need. I moved with some of these boxes at least three times; boxes of papers are heavy and take up space.  Why did I do this to myself?  One entire box was nothing but old mail and grocery lists and the like, none of which were dated past 2004. Ugh.

On the plus side, I have found a few bins of supremely entertaining stuff, like the full bin of nothing but pristine-condition stuffed animals. These will be distributed among my friends with kids (and a few who, like me, never completely grew up).  Another bin held dice, cards, hair things, old poetry, and about a dozen pairs of earrings that I thought I’d lost forever. Some were earrings I adored and actually missed over the years, believing them lost. I also found two gorgeous strings of pearls and, in a small, hinged, ceramic box with a tiny latch, my missing engagement ring.

This is the incredible find of the year for me. Of the decade, really.  I thought this ring had been lost about a year after we got married and I no longer wore it. (Perspective: our 13th anniversary was Oct 13.) My wedding ring was too wide for me to double up, so the engagement ring went into a box (apparently) and then I promptly lost track of it. I was always very sad about this, because we spent a long time looking for the perfect engagement ring, while we picked out our actual wedding rings almost on the fly. I liked my wedding ring, but never felt that same connection. The wedding rings we bought were cheapo $20 things from a Renaissance faire, two weeks before the wedding. They were always intended to be temporary.  Then, a little over a year ago, my ring began to react with my skin. I took it off and went without ever since. Now I have my engagement ring back, and it’s on my finger, where it will stay.

The pile of boxes is getting smaller every day. I got through two trunk-sized bins and three sizeable boxes of papers today, of which I kept one reusable shopping bag and one half-size bin of stuff. The rest was trash and donation–mostly the former.  Tomorrow’s job will be to finish off the last three boxes of papers, then start on the movie & game collection. The guys are coming Thursday to do the pickup, so I have to push a little. I’d rather not have to call them back on another pickup day!


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