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Cleaning House: Bins and Donations


Just had to post that as of today, I have gotten rid of 15 boxes, 5 garbage bags, and two huge bins full of stuff. The local Vietnam Vets group picks everything up and I even get to arrange for it online! It feels SO GOOD. ¬†All that stuff is gone! I’m taking two boxes of manga to a comic book shop that gives store credit, so that will be gone soon, too. ¬†Things are moving slowly but they’re moving, and that’s all that matters to me. :)

I’m working on the basement a bit today, but this weekend is all about spinning at the Fiber Festival of New England. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of my fiber friends soon!

OH! And it’s Nanowrimo time again–I’m participating this year. Are you? Join me and write the novel that’s been lurking inside you! :D


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