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Cleaning House: Still At It

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I’m straddling the line between “oh dear gods I will never be done” and “oh, hey, looks like there’s an end in sight”. ┬áThe improvement in my house is not immediately apparent to the newcomer, but to me, it’s definitely there. I am extremely lucky to have made friends who will travel for hours, who will dedicate days, who will break down boxes and egg me on when I don’t want to do the dishes. I can’t imagine getting where I am now without their help.

So where am I now? I’m at the stage where the cleanup is still worse than the mess, though stuff is still leaving the house apace. I have to schedule another VVF pickup, and I will be sending out lots of gifts to friends as I destash and cull my collections further. The living room and dining room are being rearranged now. The dining room table still needs to be taken apart but I’ve left it in place for the time being, because on Sunday afternoon, my mom and sister will be coming to help me organize the kitchen. I figured we could use a work space. On Monday, though, I think it’ll be time to move the table for real.

Today, my dad came over and spent a couple of hours replacing outlets in the former studio, hanging a kitchen cabinet that has been in my basement since we moved in, and putting up some rails to hold my cooking pots and pans. I cannot tell you how much I adore those rails. All of my most commonly used cookware is now hanging up and out of the way. The cabinet is looking great over the fridge; it’ll be perfect storage for stuff I need occasionally.

In the living room, we shifted the couch and green chair, then brought down my leather chair from the studio. I adore this chair; you may remember my post about it from earlier this year. Now I have my comfy space to work in. We also moved the black bookcases from the wall to the center of the room, then placed the buffet against their backs. They form a low dividing wall and turned my area into a sweet, cozy library.

After the kitchen is done, I’ll focus on getting stuff out of the old studio and put away down here. We still have shelves to move and bookcases to arrange, and the Man Cave is far from finished, but…I can envision the rooms in a finished state. I love knowing that when we’re done, there won’t be any spare stuff lying around. It will all be beautiful, useful, or important to us. It’s happening, albeit slowly. We just have to keep moving forward.

FYI, Dashing is still sick, but we get to see the doctor again this week. Really hope he has some better news for us. Dashing’s contribution to the cleaning effort has been mainly “moral support”, cheering us on from his spot on the couch. He wants to do more, but once he starts to move around or sit up for too long, he starts to hurt again. I won’t let him carry anything for fear that he’ll strain himself. When he gets better, maybe then I’ll let him help out. :)

SO there you have it–progress is progressing. Stuff is getting done. There’s a lot but less than I had to do before, and I have a definite plan. Ever onward!

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  1. I’m so in awe of what you’re accomplishing given what you’re up against. Love to you all.

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