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New Year, New Perspective, New Journey

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So two things prompted today’s blog post.

First, it’s been over a month since my last post, and there has been significant progress, which I’ll get into in my next post. December has been a month of ups and downs, which I suppose is life in general, though this last 30 or so days has been particularly rough.

The other thing was a comment that appeared this morning, tagged to my last post in November. I’m going to quote it here in its entirety because it has given me such strength and motivation after that aforementioned rough month. I feel like I should print it out and frame it so I have something to lift my spirits whenever I read it. From Dracoangelica, who found me through Tumblr and UFYH as I began this crazy project:

I started following your blog last year when I was going through my UFYH tag on Tumblr. I was so impressed by how much you had to do and how much you completed, that I became like, just addicted to reading about your progress.

I love those make-over home shows where they go in and in three days have a house going from zero to hero, yet we who live in the real world KNOW that nothing gets that way so quickly. We as viewers off an audience don’t see the dozens of workers that were in and out of a place to get it where it is ‘tv ready’ and I always wondered how people who HAD all those things went from living in total chaos to perfect oasis without backsliding. No habits are formed, no true routines put in place on those shows…so I always wondered if any of those people are able to keep it looking nice afterwards.

What you’re doing isn’t like that at all. Instead of ‘biggest loser’ where you have some professional coach coming in and putting a plan in place, YOU are the one handling it. Daily. Slowly. Tediously, yet so so noticeably.

I know we don’t know one another outside of the internet, but you really are one of my biggest inspirations Jenny. I admire how far you’ve come in a year and I’m glad you’re keeping up the blog for me to see. I hope Dashing feels better soon and that you continue to post the befores/durings/and afters as you reach your goal. If it takes you five years, I’ll still follow and read up on your progress. Happy 2015! Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you post next.

I admit it, I cried a little. I needed to hear this today, and it appeared at one of my lowest moments, which only increased its impact on my mood.

Over the years as I have worked on this blog, I have had some pretty incredible interactions both with people I know and people I don’t. Despite my quiet little corner here, I have had the pleasure of meeting others in my journey to…well, wherever it is that I’m going. So before I launch into a new year and all its possibilities, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for encouraging ME, for inspiring ME to keep on with my plans and dreams. Today I feel a little less like I’m speaking into the aether and more like I’m just having a very slow conversation with far-away friends. Thank you, thank you.

Next post arriving in the next hour or so…the house cleaning continues with an all-new angle and plan for the New Year 2015!

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  1. /makes squeaking and fish blooping sounds

    so…I was doing the normal blog check of procrastination…you know, where you skim through twitter and the bookmarks to see who has updated…(instead of finally unpacking the suitcase of stuff from christmas…)
    and my name is on your post.


    /rolls on floor

    lol. I know we're all just people in this world, all meandering down our paths, but it's so lovely when they converge just a little bit. I have a hard time doing 'the thing' on a daily basis. I am in total support of your 'do the thing' goals and am so proud that you're still a-truckin'. Hope that Dash feels better soon and congratz with all you've accomplished. I might not always comment (I honestly try not to speak unless I think I can add something useful) but I will continue checking in. Until next time!

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