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Cleaning House: 1st Week of January 2015 Progress Report

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January is so full of promise, isn’t it? The new year makes us all believe we can accomplish new things. Even though I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks and don’t really feel like doing anything, I have had this weird energy that won’t go away. It’s an urge to organize, to purge, to clean everything. I want to decorate everything, too.


Sunny and bright! There’s even a little light behind the dimmer switch when the light is off. :3

This week has seen a lot of small changes because I’m not up to doing the big ones. But here’s the progress report of what I’ve done to improve my house since the new year:

  • Worked on the Man Cave with Angie; emptied 2 big boxes and threw away a broken chair
  • Donated 4 bags of clothes and shoes to Allied Attic
  • Returned library books (years overdue, sob)
  • Hung measuring cups & spoons inside a cabinet door

Measuring cups & spoons all hang neatly in the cupboard instead of all over a drawer.

  • Cleaned out the fridge (maintenance cleaning; the big cleaning job was done a couple weeks ago)
  • Went through three garbage bags of questionable yarn
  • THREW AWAY fiber and yarn that wasn’t salvageable
  • Finished two WIP and made progress on two more
  • Put away three boxes of books
  • Created a prettier switchplate for the craft room (see above!)

These are all small things, but they are progress. It’s ALL progress. Every tiny chore, every bag of bottles, every bit of cleaning is a step closer to a clean and organized house.

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  1. Go, you! I’m amazed you got that much done in a week – it seems to take me an entire day to make progress on anything house-related.

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