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A Sense of Relief


Saturday was a good day for my to-do list. I completed a large editing order that was due later that night, so it was a bit of a pleasant morning jolt to send it to the client before lunch. I then baked a test batch of some pretzels I’ve been meaning to try. They were pretty good–a little chewier than I’d like, but for a 30-minute recipe, I can’t complain too much. They were definitely better than nothing and would certainly do the trick on a day like today when I really want soft pretzels but don’t have hours to devote to them. Then, while the pretzels were in the oven, I put together a quick batch of artisan bread so we’d have some later this week.

With those things done, I finished another project that has been hanging over my head for over a month. That was such a big thing that it almost feels like I can’t possibly be done! The sense of relief I had after I sent it off and closed the file was actually invigorating.

To celebrate, I rewarded myself with a trip to the Dollar Tree to pick up some cute organizers for a cleaning basket. Yes, you heard me–the reward was to buy cleaning supplies. But these aren’t just any cleaning supplies…these are BRIGHT GREEN and PURPLE supplies! Someone on Pinterest happened to post her DIY cleaning kit from just a few days ago. Usually I miss all the cool stuff, but Dollar Tree had tons of these organizers and supplies in four colors. I got a green set for the main floor and a purple one for the second floor. Just look at the adorableness:

Both kits in progress

I need to run back and find a purple one, since my closest DT didn’t have the caddies or spray bottles, but this is starting to look pretty good! Setting this up also meant I got rid of a bunch of cleaners I never use. I love using vinegar and baking soda for cleaning, so there’s no need for storebought ones with sharp chemical odors. When using vinegar, even at its strongest, the smell goes away as soon as it’s dry, and it never makes me dizzy. I’m using lavender essential oil and lavender castile soap when I want a scent.

These new, streamlined kits will handle everything I need to do in my house. Sure, it might not matter how such utilitarian things LOOK, but as someone who has never been good at keeping up house routines, any kind of encouragement helps. It’s fun to use a bright green or purple scrub brush, or a cheerfully colored dustpan and broom. Throw in some fancy rubber gloves to match each kit, and cleaning the bathroom will feel more like a game than a chore.

Purple kit in progress

Sunday’s going to be a day to chill a little; I have two knitting projects that I MUST finish by the end of the day so I’ll be focusing on those. Dinner has already been planned–my chicken coconut curry–and if I’m up to it, I’ll try baking and decorating some sugar cookies. One of my cooking goals for this year is to hone my pastry bag skills, so I’ve picked up some ready-made cookie dough so I can practice from time to time. I know the cookies aren’t great, but it’s a lot easier and cheaper than making the dough every single time. That way I don’t mind if the decorations don’t come out well, too.

Green kit, nearly finished

So it’s been a pretty good weekend–clearing out the to-do list is so rewarding! What have you got hanging over YOUR head? Work on it this week and get it off your list!

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