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Cleaning House – Small Projects


I’m still feeling sick–whatever it was that started in my throat has now moved up to my sinuses–so I haven’t been up to doing big project days around the house. That doesn’t mean I can’t make progress, though. I spent a lot of time on my to-do list and on Pinterest, making plans. This weekend, I accomplished three small tasks that have had a big impact on my morale, not to mention allowed me to cross things off the list!

First, I put some new wheels on the Craft Room chair. It’s Angie’s chair from Ikea–I love the green, of course, and it’s surprisingly comfy and supportive. However, on the carpet, the small plastic wheels just didn’t work very well. I had a set of industrial wheels for a wire shelf that I never used. Turned out they had the same threading that the original chair wheels had. My dad cut them down to size for me, and now the chair has some super heavy-duty wheels that roll perfectly on any surface.

One wheel even has a brake so it won’t roll

Stylish, no?

It rolls like a champ now

Second task was to deal with the damaged photo album that I talked about in my previous post. I finally found a rhythm as I put the new one together, and the result is a beautiful, colorful album that reflects my life from birth to age 19. That’s when I underwent a major life change, one of those definitive points where I can honestly say one chapter ended and another began. So I think it’s an appropriate place to stop and start a new album. I may not be completely done, but I made a significant dent in the project.

Took this before I put it all together, but you get the idea.

All I used to make this were the album, a pack of 12×12 floral papers that coordinate (bought on sale at JoAnn’s), 12×12 sheet protectors that came with the album, and double-sided removable tape so I wouldn’t damage my photos. I also left room on some pages in case I wanted to write about memories or something. I may not be into the whole embellished scrapbook thing, but the memories would be fun.

The third task I completed was to call and arrange for my NEW REFRIGERATOR! Again, I’ve been feeling so crummy that I haven’t been up to scheduling things. Finally, though, I set everything up and the guys brought it over today! They even took my old one away. I had planned on donating it, but it turned out not to be in good enough condition. On Monday, my dad will come over to reinstall my cabinet and to hook up the water line, and we’ll be in business. I LOVE this fridge. It’s a good 3 inches bigger all around, so there’s tons of room for food. Angie and I are planning a Costco run sometime soon so we can stock up.

So clean and new-looking!

Look at all this space!

I need more food!

With the refrigerator in, we can FINALLY adjust the living room floor plan now that we don’t have to worry about leaving enough space. The new setup will be a lot like the current one, but I’m moving some tables around and moving my chair down about a foot, giving me room to actually access the back shelves of the bookcase.

Next on the to-do list is to finish the craft area. I found this amazing fabric for less than half price, so it’s time to make that duvet cover. The swatch is purple velveteen, and while the diamonds in the fabric are actually deep blue, they are the right kind of blue to coordinate.

I am seriously in love with that velveteen…

Hoping to get this done by the end of the week–it’s COLD out and we need a cozy blanket on the bed!

Tell me what you think.

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