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Tour de Fleece 2008

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I decided on the eve of the start of the Tour that I’d actually do it this year.  I have basically chosen a box and filled it with fiber, and THAT is my spinning goal for this year’s Tour de Fleece.  In no particular order, here’s the rundown:

Tour de Fleece 2008 Fiber

1.  Spunky Eclectic corriedale/alpaca in Pulse (4oz,  that yellow braid of fiber)

2.  A Knitting Duck’s falklands top in 2 different colorways, spun each on a separate bobbin then plied together (2oz of each, 4oz total, those two pastel/muted multicolor bumps)

Tour de Fleece 2008 Fiber

3.  Mama E’s C*eye*ber Fiber BFL top, to be spun lofty and plied with another bobbin already spun up (about 1oz, that vivid multicolored fiber)

Tour de Fleece 2008 Fiber

4.  Superwash Merino from WEBS, handdyed, about 6oz left.  One bobbin is full, and I plan to spin another bobbin of the same only with some Firestar added.  Will be sock yarn.  Girly, girly sock yarn.

Tour de Fleece 2008 Fiber

5.  Turquoise bamboo, to be spun into sock yarn so I can finish my bamboo lace socks.  Also, I need to untangle the singles that are all jumbled up. *sigh*

Tour de Fleece 2008 Fiber

6.  Blue batts, for a commission yarn.  That’s my last one, since the need is no longer immediate, but I’m aiming to finish it.  It’ll be a 3ply sock yarn.  I’m halfway done with it so far.

Tour de Fleece 2008 Fiber

I think that’s a decent amount of spinning, but also a DOABLE amount.  I have until the 27th to finish, and some of those projects can be done in a single day.  It will be awesome to empty my bobbins and to get some stuff done for the shop!

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  1. Egads, you’re so on task lately. XD Wish I could say the same. My list looks insane this week.

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