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Ten on Tuesday


It’s a new year, and this is the first Tuesday, so why not join in? :D  These aren’t quite my New Year’s Resolutions, as I posted earlier, though some of the things cross over.

10 Things I Want to do in 2009

1.  Knit a pair of socks every month, from my yarn stash.  See what I’m dealing with:

Sock Yarn Stash 2009
I’m off to a great start; my first pair got finished today!
Fuzzy Rainbow Socks
I even started another pair:
Turquoise Variegated Socks

2.  Weave a wide houndstooth scarf for myself on the Loom of Doom.

3.  Get rid of the boxes of movies & manga in my living room.

4.  Sew a new winter coat for myself.

5.  Make it through the California trip in one piece.  I am SO afraid of flying and my nerves are shot just thinking about having to get on a plane.  Note to my brother:  Christopher, now you KNOW I love you, because I am NOT going to miss my ‘little’ brother’s wedding.  But the plane thing freaks me out big time.

6.  Sew a bag for my spinning wheel, finally.  A real bag, not just the sack I’m using now.

7.  Bake a chocolate layer cake entirely from scratch, including icing.

8.  Participate in the Tour de Fleece again.

9.  Build a new bed.

10.  Go on lots of picnics.

What do YOU want to do in 2009?

OH–and ETA:  I’m still interested in responses to the question I asked at the end of this post from Monday; please feel free to keep adding comments to that post.  Repeating what others have said helps, too, because I’d like to know if people have the same desires or requests.  Thank you all so much!!


  1. As someone who always seems to have a sock on the needles, I’d be happy to help enable your sock-knitting resolution :)

    And seriously, don’t discredit the use of Happy Flying Pills for your trip. As someone who lost a lot of people in a big airline plane crash, and freaks the hell out just at the thought of flying, I’m cool as a cucumber boarding a plane with the help of a Happy Flying Pill…or two.

    I firmly believe that we should never let our great fears hold us back :)

  2. Ahhh! I left a huge comment and it got eated!

  3. WHAT a lovely yarn stash to knit socks :-)


  4. Hi There,

    Just wanted to pop over and express my Thanks for the lovely Cormo handspun you sent me. When I commented on your blog I had no idea, I was even entering a contest, so it was a really cool surprise.

    Thanks Again

  5. Now that you know what you want to do, think about prioritizing. Also, some things can be done overlapping, such as carry along knitting, and sewing at home. BTW, the cake should be the first thing to do.:)

  6. Let me know if you want a good chocolate layer cake recipe.

  7. New to your blog and no time to check where in the Golden State you’re going, but remember: California has some wunnerful yarn shops. Nothing like the promise of new LYSs to calm the mid-flight jitters.

    I kinda stopped breathing at #3. Wow. Braver than I.

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