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Ten on Tuesday


Today’s Ten on Tuesday is “Things You’re Really Good At”.  I have thought about a bunch of things and decided to elaborate on each one.  My one challenge today was NOT to add the words “I think” after everything.  I really am good at all these things, and it takes something away to qualify it with “In my opinion, at least”.  I AM gonna toot my own horn for once, thankyouverymuch. :)

10 Things I’m Really Good At

1.  Spinning.

Have I reached my pinnacle of skill at this?  Not by a long shot–but I am very happy with how I’ve developed over the past couple of years.  I love the act of spinning, the sound my wheel makes, and the product I get is beautiful and useable.  I have won a bunch of ribbons in the last year and a half, so I know it’s not just me!  My three 1st place ribbons and 2 Best of Shows are proof that I am, indeed, Really Good at Spinning.  Incidentally, I’m also really good at…

2.  Knitting.

Or, as I call it, the gateway drug.  My need for just the perfect yarn led me to spinning, and I learned to crochet so I could do a wider variety of knitting patterns that call for some crochet.  I also blame credit it with sparking the interest to weave. I have sold my work, both commissioned and pre-made, and I’ve never gotten a complaint.  I’m very proud of my projects, especially my socks!

3.  Customer Service.

I am SO GOOD at CS it’s scary.  No, seriously.  I started by working lots of retail jobs and taking them seriously.  Then I got a job at an office supply company (sadly, no longer in business) that was so well-known in the industry for having exceptional customer service, I could have gotten a job in any call center or competitor on the strength of having been trained by them.  I was so good that I was given some of the ‘problem’ customers–people who were rude, demanding, or otherwise difficult, but who also spent literally millions of dollars with us.  I regularly exceeded my managers’ expectations, and I would have been really happy to stay there if not for a few things that were out of my control.  I’ll tell that story someday, but for now, believe me when I tell you that I am seriously Customer Service Girl.

4.  Beef/Leek/Barley soup.

This is a recent thing.  I have learned that I’m actually a pretty good cook when I want to be.  My BLB soup, however, is my absolute favorite thing to make and eat.  I’ve changed the recipe each time just to see what happens, and I love it every single time.  I even got my father-in-law to eat it, after a years-long aversion to leeks–and he liked it so much he took the leftovers home so he could have it at work!  So yeah.  I rock. ;)

5.  Drawing.

There was a time when I thought I could make my living at drawing.  I have since realized it’s a pipe dream, but while I’m not the best, I’m still really good.  It helps get the characters and ideas out of my head and onto paper so I can share them–it’s like communicating my thoughts and dreams, but without having to find the words.

6.  Sewing.

Like drawing, I once hoped to make a business of sewing.  I actually did a good job for a couple of years, but I lacked the business know-how to make it stick.  Then life intervened, and I had to set my sewing aside.  I still have all the knowledge I had before, however, and I can make pretty much anything I want with fabric and thread.

7.  Driving in snow.

I’m an overly cautious driver to begin with, but back before I met my husband, I was living in West Hartford, CT.  My favorite hangout was in Manchester–about 15-20 minutes away on a good day.  At the time, I didn’t have a job, so I had lots of free time on my hands.  I spent most of it at the coffeehouse, including during the worst snowstorms our area had seen in years.  I got REALLY good at driving in snow in my little ’81 Toyota Corrolla  on days when even the plows were having a rough time.  These days, the coffeehouse is ancient history, as is my little car, but the skills remain.

8.  Detecting Nearby Yarn Shops.

Seriously!  Bunny and I were coming home from Cape Cod one day and I was driving.  We’d spent the weekend tooling around the Cape, looking for (and finding) yarn shops and used bookstores.  Suddenly, I got a weird pain in my leg for no apparent reason, and we decided to switch at the next exit.  Sure enough, one appeared within a mile or so, and we pulled off the highway to find a place to stop & switch places.  Under other circumstances, I would NEVER have stopped there, but I got a funny feeling as we neared the end of the ramp.  A house with a sign out front caught my eye, just off the exit…seriously.  A yarn shop I’d never heard of.  They had llamas in the yard, and a small barn that housed the yarn shop.  They were closed at the moment, but now I knew they were there!  Who’d have expected that??  And funny enough, once we switched, that mysterious pain went away.  I KNOW, RIGHT??

9.  Listening to Friends’ Problems.

I get mixed feelings about this, but overall it’s a good thing.  I like being the shoulder to cry on a lot of the time.  It means that people trust me, and I think I’ve done it for every friend at least once.  I try not to be self-righteous or condescending (especially SEEMING that way) and I must do something right, because they come back over and over again.  I also don’t betray their confidences, because I know what it’s like to pour your heart out to someone and then find out they’re using it for entertainment in conversation with others.  Ugh.

10.  Putting Things Together.

Bunny loves this part, because it means he never has to do furniture assembly.  I am really, really good at putting together shelves and other things with lots of pieces.  I’ve always been good at jigsaw puzzles and packing boxes or suitcases.  It’s a fun, low-pressure challenge.

So there you go, Ten Things I’m Really Good At.  What are YOU good at doing?

Tell me what you think.

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