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Fashion in the Time of Steam


Look! Artwork!

steampunk group 1918

This is the steampunk character group from a game that Bunny ran for us recently.  Set in 1918 (alternate past, natch), five people shared some crazy experiences together.  We were play-testing a new system and wanted to try a Steampunk game.

Left-Right: Olivia, Julia, Sylvie (my character), Marcus, and Tim.  I am aware of the error with Marcus’s hand and some of the inconsistencies of the sketch, but I’m just glad I could get them all down on paper.

We are kind of toying with the idea of getting back together with a bit of a time jump–five years, actually.  So I thought I’d revisit Sylvie as she might look in 1923:

Sylvie Verbert 1923

I think she’s really cute!  I can’t wait to try playing her at that point of her life!

…And suddenly I realize I never posted the amazing pics of the Steampunk-themed High Tea we had during the second episode of the game!! HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS?? I am so sorry. You guys need to see the pics.

Steampunk Tea Party
Steampunk Tea Party Steampunk Tea Party
Steampunk Tea Party
Click here to go to the rest of the Flickr set!

We had gear-shaped cookies made by Dawn, candied ginger, vanilla-hazelnut tea, a whole selection of tea fixings provided in the most delightful test-tube rack, and assorted finger foods. We didn’t game as much as we hoped due to the copious amounts of food, but we had a great time nonetheless.

Next time we do this, it’ll have to be in costume! All or nothing, baby!!


  1. I approve of steampunk! Dressing in costume for it is a lot of fun, even if when I did it I was wearing a HUGE old dress.

  2. Sometimes I miss roleplaying, I sewed so much more when I was LARPing Vampire: Dark Ages.

    I love your drawing style, and I’m not just saying that. I wish I could draw people half as well as you.

  3. This art. I approve of it. :)

  4. I love the drawings and the costumes. I think you need a really cute set of pearls or a tasteful art deco medallion necklace though-my grandmother has one on in a photo from about 1923, she would have been 22, and I’ve always loved the flapper dress and hat and hair flip with her necklace.

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