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For the first time in over a year, all three of our computers are online!

All we have to figure out is how to keep the wireless from timing out on my laptop, and then we’ll be set.  But now I have access once again to my PC, which has been horribly neglected for a long time.  I couldn’t make wireless work with it at the last apartment, and the room it was in didn’t have a phone jack (we had DSL at the time) so it was a lonely machine that rarely got used.  Now, though, it’s in the living room and will function as my main workstation.  The laptop will be given a much-needed break and will be used mostly upstairs in the bedroom or when we’re offsite.

I missed my computer so much!  I have all my music on here, as well as my favorite graphics programs and all of my artwork.  I also love my monitor, which feels luxurious after a year or so of the quite a bit smaller laptop monitor.

The only thing this computer doesn’t have is Vista.  I know, my computer friends are going to FLIP about this, but…I kind of like Vista.  It’s more attractive to me, and now that I’ve used it almost exclusively for a long time, I have gotten used to its quirks.  I don’t think I own any equipment that doesn’t work with it, so the one issue I still have with it is that it takes forever for my laptop to turn on.  Still, even that doesn’t bother me since it works beautifully once I log on.  Idunno.

Well, it’s great to be back on my PC after all this time.  Maybe now I’ll feel more inspired to do more artwork and get back into the groove!

Also: still working on getting vacation pics up.  I have posted a few on Flickr, so mosey on over there if you want to see.  I will be adding a few at a time; there are a LOT to go through and I don’t believe in uploading anything that doesn’t look amazing. :)

Tell me what you think.

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