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Once & Future Fiber Meme!

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Yeah, yeah, so sue me.  I liked this meme.  The lovely Rows Red and The Painted Sheep both did it, so why not follow in the footsteps of greatness? :)  (Love you both!)

Looking back, what was your major knitting/crochet/spinning accomplishment for the last year?

Surprisingly, it was the Mullins Bay scarf I knitted for my MIL for Christmas.  Not only because the project was really beautiful, but also because it was so well-received.  Everything about that project just worked out perfectly.  I am thinking about doing one for myself now in different colors.

What was your biggest lesson in 2009?

That when I set a goal for myself, I need to stick to it instead of letting things slide.  I did that with my Socks in 2009 project, by not immediately starting a new pair once I got ahead of myself in the first third of the year.  If I’d done that, I would have been farther along when the house move and the big trip happened, which would have meant that taking off 5 weeks from knitting due to pneumonia would NOT have put me irretrievably behind.  Next time, I make hay while the sun shines.

What skeletons are in your project basket?

The Eleanor wrap that I’ve been working on since…uh…2003.  I can’t bring myself to frog it but there’s always something else I want to work on.  I’m not entirely sure I want to keep working on it in that yarn, anyway, so it’s been in limbo.  I frogged and finished everything else that was that old in 2008, so it’s the lone holdover.  It has its own hatbox and everything.  Idunno what I should do with it.

What’s your favorite yarn from the last year?

If we’re talking FINISHED yarn, then I think I’d say it’s a tie between Dream in Color Smooshy and the Laughing Rat handdyed yarn I used on Mullins Bay.  For unfinished handspun, it’s the bobbin of brilliant peacock-green silk that will take me forever to finish.  That yarn will be SEXY.

List your active works in progress.

Knitting:  Still working on last year’s socks–Bunny’s red socks, Bunny’s grey alpaca socks, my Tango Nouveau socks, Spiral striped Autumn colored socks, bias ribbon scarf.

Spinning:  Superfine laceweight alpaca, earthy flowery colored BFL, hand-combed Romney fleece, hand-combed black fleece, remaining Brown Sweater Project yarn

What are your knitting/crochet/spinning goals for 2010?

Knitting – frog the inactive WIPs and finish the active ones; make a decision on the Eleanor

Crocheting – try crocheting a pair of socks again.  Last time was not such a great experience, but I’m ready to try again.

Spinning – finish the BSP yarn and the alpaca.  Wash the rest of the two fleeces and get them combed.  Spin 1000 yards on a spindle during Ravelympics.

What knitting or crochet projects are on your radar for the New Year?

The Totoro mittens I found on Ravelry; the BSP

Anything else you’d like to tackle?

Like Kris, I need to destash something fierce.  I also need to go through my fabric collection since it’s all now finally in one place.  I culled that stash years ago but now that my life has changed yet again, I need to shed some more.  Aiming to have that done (or at least started) before the Guild auction!  Oh, and it’s not fibery, but I really want to draw more.  I was doing an art meme that has you choose four images per year for the last 6 years…and two of the years I didn’t even HAVE four drawings done.  How embarrassing.

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  1. You’re adorable XD

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