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First Weaving and First Birthday 2010 Gift


To wit:

My First Weaving Project
My First Weaving Project
My First Weaving Project

Yarny details: 8/2 cotton warp in turquoise, 14epi (measured for 12epi because I didn’t actually check the reed first)
First part’s weft is turquoise & green in the same yarn as the warp
Second part’s weft is Noro Sock, one color run
Third part’s weft is a fluffy novelty yarn from my stash

In even cooler news, I got an early birthday gift from the lovely Sandra of Magpie’s Miscellany on Etsy. Sandra is one of those terribly talented people who need to just be discovered someday. She makes jewelry that I love and even better, she creates these amazing dolls. I am not normally a doll person, but something about her work makes me want to collect all of them. I have several already. This is easily my favorite.

A while back, I did an art and story series called “Merchant Road”, where a dye merchant told stories about the fantasy land she traveled. The character’s name was Neelie and she was a Sazhiri, one of the races I created for the world. She looks like this:


And Sandra made this:

Neelie the doll
Neelie the doll
Neelie the doll
Neelie the doll

Could this be any cooler?? I think not. :D


  1. Wow! I love that doll! Really neato! The scarf’s not too bad either. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday! And yeah, that’s a pretty damned cool gift. She’s a very talented friend!

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