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My PC is sort of dying. I say sort of because it seems to be a software issue and not a hardware one–hey, computer geek friends! What does it mean when the computer enters a restart loop whenever it tries to load Windows? I have WinXP Home on my PC. I tried reinstalling it but now I just get a black screen with my mouse. The mouse registers just fine but nothing appears on the screen. I can’t even ctrl-alt-del. Seriously irked by this issue.

So, uh, what else…OH! Batts! I have been making lots and lots of batts. Batts out of Romney, batts out of mohair, batts out of odds and ends from my spinning stash. But how have these batts come to be? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED:

Is it a cocoon? Some kind of giant caterpillar? Maybe Mothra?


I didn’t really plan on this, but I’m calling her Edna. Because Edna Mode is awesome. Edna is a Pat Green Deluxe Drum Carder, previously owned by someone I knew back in the days before Ravelry–when LiveJournal’s spinningfiber community was one of the Places to Be. I had been thinking about a carder for a long time, but believed they were out of my price range. Then I did some work that paid off, and I had a couple of bucks I could spend on equipment for my business. Research and polling my fiber friends brought me to Fancy Kitty’s sweet little carders, though in my heart I had always wanted a Pat Green. Another Rav pal started sending me links to used carders, and this one came up. The right carder, the right price, and the right time–how often does that happen?

Since then, I’ve been carding, carding, carding. I have gone stash diving and suddenly things that I thought were irretrievably compacted have been given new life as something different. All those little odds and ends, washed locks given to me as samples and things left over from other experiments–they blend together beautifully with Edna’s help.

First batt--Romney, with a bit of testing on a toy wheel spindle

Today I carded up a pair of sunny yellow and white batts out of Romney locks and mohair roving. On Friday the selection was fiery red and orange locks of different breeds blended with a little black Wensleydale and rusty orange merino–boy, did THOSE batts turn out awesome! Haven’t gotten good pictures yet but I am trying. It’s hard because I want to just spin them all RIGHT NOW.

How are you doing? :)


  1. Envy! My little drum carder likes to slip, and makes tiny 1oz batts. If I could fix the slipping, I wouldn’t mind so much.

    Much joy of the new drum carder, I look forward to seeing what you’re making on it.

  2. It might actually be a hard drive issue, but you should talk to Jeff. He’s way more qualified with this stuff than I am. I know the husbands are getting together tomorrow. Give me a call if you want to come over and hang. Didn’t know if you were planning to go to SnB or not.

  3. I’m so glad you are enjoying her, she was wasted on me! :) Your batts look much better than my few attempts ever did — I never really had the patience for it.

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