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Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

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So there’s this fleece I am thinking about. It’s Merino.

On one hand, I don’t like spinning Merino as a rule, though I WILL and I DO and sometimes I do actually like it. But I think I would hate myself if I had a whole Merino fleece and had to wash it and process it and spin it.

OTOH it is a charcoal grey–almost black–and I have a serious weakness for dark fleeces. It really is a lovely fleece.

OTOOH, it is Merino. I think of Merino as the clean-cut boy I should like but don’t really, because while he’s nice and all, he doesn’t really inspire passion like that bad boy longwool down by the docks.

OTOOOH, I am still thinking about it even after deciding not to get it.

OTOOOOH, I am already committed to buying a cream-colored Cotswold fleece with which I am madly in love.

Thoughts? Suggestions? What would you say is a reasonable price/lb for a dark Merino fleece, anyway?

Not that I’m really considering it. Not at all.

I need to make a decision by tomorrow afternoon. Ish.

One Comment

  1. Keeping in mind I’m one of the biggest enablers on the face of the planet, I say don’t do it. Leave the merino for someone who actually likes merino, and save your money for a dark fleece that you’ll actually love. Fiber festival season is upon us…

    (BTW, don’t be knocking merino. I love him. But I have zero desire to process a fleece.)

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