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Apology Art

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Obviously, I’m a bad blogger these days. I’m alive and online, but just not doing much in the way of spinning or knitting. I have a sock, a pair of mittens, a stuffed toy, and a sweater in progress, but nothing worth photographing quite yet.

On the other hand, I’ve done a LOT of drawing lately. I got involved in an online RP and started playing a character who–and this will surprise NO ONE on my flist–is a cheerful, naive shepherdess who spins, knits, and cooks for everyone. Her name is Annunziata (aka Anna) and she looks like this:

anna1 Photobucket

She’s in love with a cranky, surly plague doctor named Siriano:

siriano1 baking day sirianna

…and her best friend is a former courtesan named Fiora:

fiora 1a.jpg fiora icon

I also started thinking about my original writing projects, including my long-ignored Steampunk story. So here’s Celix van Bremmer, the main character:


So I hope these pics make up for the lack of yarny talk on my blog lately.

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  1. Completely awesome, Jenny :) lovely drawing and lovely characters.

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