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Selling One of My Babies

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So…I’ve decided to sell off one of my spinning wheels. The decision was really difficult, because there’s so much I love about this wheel in particular…but she’s just not meeting all of my needs. I would rather see her go to a good home that will appreciate her more.

I’m selling “Ulla”, my gorgeous Haldane Harris spinning wheel. Asking price is $500 (negotiable) and it must be picked up. I am willing to meet the buyer anywhere in CT, MA, or RI, possibly even in Eastern NY State. I WILL be at MA Sheep & Wool at the end of May, the Nutmeg Spinners’ Guild meeting in June, and I’m flexible to travel to other locations and events. I will also be at the Big E/Eastern States Exposition in September.

The Haldane Harris was a Norwegian-style Saxony wheel from the early 1980s. It became the prototype for the Kromski Polonaise; there are some differences but they’re minor ones. At a glance, it’s easy to mistake one wheel for the other, so this is a great fit for someone in the market for that look.

This wheel is double-drive, single-treadle, with a string footman and one bobbin. It has a 24″ drive wheel and can be adjusted in about a dozen places.

I admit I love this wheel to pieces. I think it’s beautiful, spins like a dream, and makes some of the best yarn I’ve ever seen. I’ve been very torn for months about whether or not to sell it. Unfortunately, I just don’t have a place in my home for it. My condo is small, and I do a lot of events outside my home. I need a wheel that fits in the back seat of my car, which the Harris really doesn’t. Poor Ulla gets ignored more often than not.

If you would like to own a rare, utterly gorgeous wheel that will give you years of beauty and enjoyment, this is your girl. Ulla is spotless, with the only flaw being a section of the drive wheel that has separated a bit. It does not move or shift, and seems to be a purely cosmetic issue. I have spun for hours and hours on it with no problems at all.


Ulla in the Sunshine

Ulla in the Sunshine

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  1. Proud of you for letting go.

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