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It's Holiday Carol Time!!


I miss caroling! I used to do it years ago but there hasn’t been much of a chance to do it anymore. So I decided that this might be a fun time to do some ‘targeted’ caroling. ;)

If you send me your phone number, I will call you sometime this month and sing a holiday carol to you on the phone. :) I’m a decent singer and I know a million songs, so I thought this might be fun. You can email me or send me a private message on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, or DeviantArt.


1. For my watchers/followers/friends only. I don’t want this ending up at large; this is for people I know and who know me. We don’t have to talk often, either—so long as you have already been watching me for whatever reason, this works. :) I do NOT have to be following you in return.

2. At this time, ten slots are open on each of the four places where I hang out: Tumblr, Facebook, DeviantArt, and Twitter. That’s 40 chances to get a carol!! You get ONE carol, so if you sign up in more than one place, you still only get one call and one song. If you send me your number after the slots are filled, I may do a second wave. I’ll let you know if that happens.

3. You must let me know what name to ask for when I call so I know I’ve got the right person.

4. Let me know if you care either way if the carol is secular or religious. I personally love nearly all carols regardless of source, and I am not particularly religious. But I know lots of you have strong feelings one way or another and I don’t want to offend in either direction. I only know one Hannukkah song, btw, and I will sing it if you request it. ;)

5. Also know if there are any songs you absolutely do NOT want me to sing. You can’t select a specific song for me to sing, but you are free to ask me not to sing a song that might drive you crazy (for me, it’s Marshmallow World—I HATE that song).

6. There is no rule #6

7. The calls will happen sometime throughout December, with the last calls occurring somewhere around the 30th. I will not be calling anyone on the 24th, 25th, or 31st.

Here’s a helpful form to make things easier:

The screen name under which I’d know you:

Name to ask for:

Phone number:

Are you in the USA? Y/N

Time Zone (so I don’t call you at 4am) :

Religious/Secular preference? Y/N (state which if any)_____________

Tell me what you think.

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