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So. Very. Busy. *gasp*


My loves, I am sorry that I have been uncommunicative over the past few weeks. Stuff has been going on in my life, but nothing I can’t handle. Both Matt & I have lost people in our families this summer; we have been to three funerals this year, two of which happened within a month of each other. We got some other bad news at the same time that has also brought us down.  And THEN I suddenly wanted to deal with another family issue from a few years ago that sort of wormed its way back to the surface.  I admit that that threw me for a serious loop.

On top of this, I am adjusting to this new schedule. I joke that I am just not used to having NO free time, but after several years of working part time only, I am still coping with the change. The nature of the freelance job means that I am often tied to my computer at odd hours, for hours at a time as I put out fires and manage 20+ writers and editors. And I have the EASY job with this company! It’s all very draining, but not as much as it was at first. (And I’d like to point out that I enjoy the job, esp. since the two guys above me are both friended on FB!) ;)

So please bear with me if I seem scattered, distracted, and preoccupied. This is more than just getting a new job…it’s changing the very pattern of my life and forcing me to adjust my perception of how much I can do in a single day.  I’ve been forced to look at my hobbies in a more realistic light.  How much can I really do?  Can I really warrant having four spinning wheels if I barely use one?

While some things are coming under control, others feel like they’re spiraling OUT of control.  Things like any pretense of organization in my house.  Anyone who’s been here knows that I am a truly messy, cluttered person.  But lately it’s been hard to keep up even the bare minimum.  I need to find the balance.  It’s there, somewhere.  I just need to figure out where to look.


  1. You know that your friends are here for you. This may be a rather rough and strange period of your life, but we have your back, and I know that you have the strength and brilliance to pull through.

  2. I hear you on the GOGOGO! I look around and I *know* there should be enough hours in the day, but then when I’m finally in possession of a weekend, all I want to do is knit, spin and relax.

    Sell the wheels! Just think of all that money. You and your honey could take a vacation somewhere for a long weekend. I’ve really enjoyed selling off a bunch of my stash, and honestly, I need to get back in there and kick ass again because it’s past crazy again.

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