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NaNoWriMo 2013!

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So you all know that I can’t stay away from NaNoWriMo, right?  It’s kind of a sickness.  I actually didn’t intend to play this year, but the Nano Mafia (aka Corinna and Kas) forced me into it. I swear! They held me down and kicked me and they were like “OMG YOU NEED TO DO NANO” so I gave in.

Except this year I also had two jobs.  I worked out a schedule in which I’d write only on weekends–5k is totally doable on a dedicated writing day for me–and I’d work during the week.  That didn’t actually pan out, though, because Second Job suddenly exploded and got all over my weekend as well.  I kind of gave up on writing at all, after that.  I mean, there were gross little bits of Second Job everywhere, and I had to clean them up before I could write anything for myself.

THEN I left Second Job.  I decided to go into business for myself, which is awesome, and now I have much more control over my schedule.  That means I get to decide how to spend my days off from First Job, and as that’s at a school, I had today off entirely.

So I wrote.

For the record, it was Day 11 of Nano, meaning I had 11 days to catch up on.  While it would be awesome to say I did that, I have to admit it wasn’t quite that impressive.  However, par word count for the 11th is just over 18k words.  I wrote just over 10k.  Tomorrow, I’ll aim for another 8k, and Wednesday I want to do another 5-8k.  That would put me OVER par, making the rest of the month a lot easier to manage.  I had about a 12-hour period in which I wrote, and of those 12 hours, perhaps 8 were actually spent writing.  Tuesday I have a doctor’s appointment, which happens to be located across from a Starbucks, so I’ll head over early and get some writing in beforehand.

Best part of today was the fact that I advanced the plot considerably.  I’m still sticking to my rough outline, which is nice, because it’s turned out to be a decent road map of the story.  I think I will have a full draft by the end of the month.  Finding my voice in this story has been tough.  I have a few different styles going on, just haven’t landed on any one in particular.  We shall see.  At least the story will be out of my head and down on paper, which is pretty much the whole point of Nano.

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  1. I love the IDEA of NaNo without ever feeling actual desire to do it :) Go Jenny!

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