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Clean Slate in 2008 wrap-up


Eleanor Stole:  NO CHANGE.  It goes to the top of the actual WIP list for January & February.

Sweater of D00m:  80% DONE.  The end is in sight!

Green Monkey Socks: 3/4 FINISHED.  Finished one sock and got halfway through the second, when the needles were snapped at a party.  I (stupidly) left my bag unattended near the kids’ play area, and when I went to work on my sock last night, the needles were all broken. :(  Once I find my spare set, I’ll keep working on it, but they’re still not done.

Mittens:  80% DONE.  Almost there–experienced a setback when I was away from home for several days without the project, and twice I took the bag with me somewhere but forgot the pattern at home.

Christmas Stocking:   FINISHED.  Finished, shipped, and loved!  Pics to come later.

Angora Lace Scarf:   FINISHED.  I decided to power on ahead despite the error in the knitting, and I’m glad I did.  The result was really pretty–I got compliments on it everywhere I went!  I wore it to my Thanksgiving celebrations and the December guild meeting.  It was the perfect scarf for the season!

Cashmere/Silk/Wool batts from Abby:   75% DONE.  I made some headway but not a lot; there’s still a quarter of one batt left to go.  I will save the second batt for another project, since one batt will be plenty for the smoke ring I plan to make.  I’ll be making “Ice Queen” from the Winter 2007 Knitty.

Undyed Wool/Angora batts:  FINISHED.  Plied with ANOTHER wool/angora blend that I had half-done before.  This counts as two finished projects for me, since I discovered the purple wool/angora in progress after making the original list.

“Harvest� Wool:  NO CHANGE.  The second hank still needs to be spun.

Leftover singles:   FINISHED.  This was the big surprise for me!  I thought I’d have like 200 yards or so when I plied them all and emptied the bobbins.  However, I ended up with over 400 yards!  The small skeins I got are the pic on my index page of www.divinebird.com.  Afterward, I found a few more bobbins that had silk & stuff on them, so I even had more.

Corriedale for Lilith:   NO CHANGE.  Lilith said it would be ok to wait on it ’til after the New Year, so it was removed from the list.


Wensleydale:  FINISHED.  I spun the rest of the bump and plied it all, and it’s now on my shop for sale.

Rambouillet/Border Leicester:  3/4 DONE. The last of the three bumps of wool given to me as a gift, this 4oz bump has been spun into singles and awaits plying.  I plan to use it for socks for my husband.

Iris Garden Alpaca, batch #2:  1/2 DONE.  I have one bobbin full of singles, and enough fiber to fill another bobbin.  This one is coming out much darker than the original batch I spun back in March.  This has a lot more of the dark blue in it, whereas the other batch had more green and yellow.

Boot Toppers:  3/4 DONE.  From the Interweave Knits Holiday issue.  I am making one of each to wear with my Docs, because the tops of the boots dig into my calves a bit.  One is done, the other is half done.  I put them aside when I had to work on Christmas gifts.

Bulky Hat & Scarf:  FINISHED. The yarn was from my first swap, over 3 years ago.  I liked the colors and softness of the yarn but couldn’t really think of what to do with it, as I don’t use much bulky thick & thin yarn.  Then one day in November I decided to whip up a hat during one of the Patriots games, and last night I finished a scarf in the same yarn.  I have more of the yarn left over, but the hat & scarf can go up into my shop as a set.  Hurrah!

All of the above things were done in the last TWO MONTHS.  It’s pretty amazing to think of all the work I’ve put into projects in that time.  I had planned to sew all of my gifts for people this year, too, but had to admit defeat on the 23rd.  I also managed to do some stash culling and reorganized part of my yarn & fiber stashes.

The upshot is that while I’m not starting with a clean slate in 2008, I AM starting with a cleanER slate than I would have.  I have the chance to play with some of my fibers that I’ve been holding off on.   I’ll be starting on a sweater for myself sometime in the middle of the month, working on a design for some gloves that I’d like to submit to Knitty, and in February, my fleece goes off to be processed.  It’ll come back in April…and by then, I plan to have finished most of the rest of this list.

My fiber-related New Year’s resolution is to spin from my stash until the end of tax season (April 15).  Outside of gifts or gift certificates, I am not to buy any new spinning fiber until then.  I chose that date because the fiber festivals start in April, so I’d like to be able to buy new stuff then.  I will also continue my trend of using small amounts of cash instead of checks or the card when I go to these events, so I don’t overspend.

What are your planned projects for 2008?  Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?


  1. Too bad about your sock needles! That is a real bummer!!

    Very nice list. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi! I’m Karen – I’m new to your blog. I’m a spinner, knitter, anime-lover, and newly a weaver! (I just got a very old loom up and working). I love your resolution to spin from stash until April – I so need to do that.

    I’ve resolved to get my fiber stash WASHED over the next few weeks because although I don’t mind the smell of lanolin, my family does. I’ve got a correidale (sp?) fleece I got at sheep and wool festival last year, half a white fleece (washed), a gray fleece I’m processing for my fiber arts guild, and three alpaca fleeces – 2 white and a black. I am resolved to NOT having to hand card all that so I’m looking into drum carders. I should really just skip Sheep and Wool Festival this year (but I won’t).

    Nice to find your blog!

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