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State of the Divine Bird

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This week’s suggested resource:  The Organized Home

Since I’d planned to talk about scheduling yesterday (that was the post that got deleted, so bear with me and I’ll work on it again this week), it seems that this is a good time to recommend the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home challenge.  The site features a LOT of tips for cleaning and organizing, but the 52 Week Challenge is particularly awesome.  Rather than trying to clean everything right this minute, the challenge encourages you to take your time to create good new habits.  By scheduling a single simple task each week, you can achieve a whole new host of good habits while making your home a more comfortable space.  Even better, you can start at any time.  Share your successes in their hall of fame forum, and get your whole household in on the organizing action.


OH YES it is totally time for the Studio!!  I can’t even tell you how much I have wanted to get my hands on this room.  This is like a reward week, because the Studio is My Personal Place.  It’s where I go to be creative…or it would be, if I actually had room to move in there.  Just LOOK AT IT:

pre uf studio

You’ll see this image again later this week, along with an After! :)

It’s always been like this.  Every time I had a room that I could call my own crafting space, “studio” has really been a code word for “glorified giant closet of junk”.  It’s been worse in my apartments, actually; later this week I’ll dig out some pics if I can find them.  The point is, whenever I want to work in here, I have to drag everything out to the hall just so I can get at my sewing machine.  I own a lovely sewing table and everything, but I never use it.  That all will change.  Part of the problem is that I have way too much stuff, as has been the case throughout this whole cleaning thing, but in this particular room, the other issue is the color.  This is a very pretty grey, actually, very soothing for a bedroom, but it’s utterly draining for a creative room.

Therefore, I’ve got four days to work on the room and then on Friday, Lilith is coming over to help me paint it.  I’ve selected a cheerful Robin’s Egg Blue to replace the grey.  If I can swing it, I might even add some crown molding around the top when my dad comes to help next week.  Friday night and Sunday I’ll move the furniture back in and set up the space properly.

The schedule this week will be done in zones.  I’ve separated it into:

  • Monday: The area near the sewing table (front wall)
  • Tuesday: The closet & shelves (right wall)
  • Wednesday: The area near the window (back wall)
  • Thursday: The table & shelves (left wall)
  • Friday: PAINTING

Furniture is going to move around, stuff is coming out, and I might even paint more than the walls.  Thankfully, I’ll have some help from Angie and Lilith (and maybe more!) on this one.  They get paid in food and yarn so they know they’re appreciated!

State of the Divine Bird Condo

Enough planning for the future.  Let’s look back a bit!  In the two weeks since my last list, I have:

  • Defeated the Floordrobe
  • Washed ALL the laundry
  • Hung curtains in the Bedroom
  • Maintained my wash-dishes-every-night routine (mostly, but I totally caught up that one time)
  • Donated another 15 bags to charity
  • Generated another 2 bags of things to return or give away
  • Sorted all our clothing
  • Packed out of season clothing away
  • Kept up with the laundry
  • Organized the Linen Closet
  • Cleaned and organized all three bathrooms
  • Set up a new schedule for the kitty box
  • Written a blog post every single day (including an extra post about storage containers)
  • Cleared the hallway of boxes and bags
  • Vacuumed the Hallway
  • Dusted the walls and ceiling
  • Cleaned off the Hallway fan
  • Rehomed pieces of furniture I no longer needed
  • Sold 2 things on Craigslist
  • Hung hooks by the door to hold my wet mittens, etc.
  • Sorted and tossed 6 boxes (and 10 years) of papers
  • Got rid of a bunch of old artwork
  • Distributed 4 bags of things to friends who could use them
  • Set up storage for our 15 rolls of packing tape >_>
  • A bunch of other small stuff that I can’t even list here because there are so many

As more stuff leaves my house, I have started to really see what’s left behind.  I thought when I started this thing that I’d miss the stuff I got rid of.  That I’d be saddened about giving up things I loved.  But that hasn’t been the case at all!  Everything I love is still here, and everything I don’t love is almost flying out the door.  How lovely it is to see my wedding album out on the coffee table, not buried under dusty papers and books.  How awesome it is to know exactly what bills I need to pay, without losing them amid junk mail.  How seriously great it is to turn my tax paperwork in before April!!  Every day I focus on a reward or two, but really, the reward is my home.  I can walk in a straight line from my living room to my kitchen WITHOUT bumping into something or stepping over a pile of papers.  Every time I see my dishes gleaming in the drainer in the morning, it brings me joy.  How can I tell you in words the sense of peace and calm that I feel when I climb into bed at night under clean sheets and fresh blankets?  Or the pleasure of wrapping a gift in five minutes instead of half an hour, because everything I needed was in a designated spot?

My life isn’t perfect, guys.  I still have bills to pay and worries about the future and disagreements with my husband.  I still have to go to the dentist and go to work and cook dinner.  But everything–literally everything–seems easier to deal with because my home is coming under my control.  I feel like I have a say in my life.  Oddly enough, it’s affected Dashing, too.  We have spent more time together each day, because now he has a cozy place to sit and read after work.  And because I cook more often in my still-clean kitchen, we eat together, we chat more.  Who knew that cleaning would bring us closer together?

You can do this, too.  If you’ve been reading and wondering how I can do this, let me tell you–if I can do it, you can.  I post before and after pics so you can SEE where I came from.  I want to show the world just how bad things used to be, and how good they can be.  YOU CAN DO THIS.  You can.  Take back your life!  Give yourself the gift of a comfortable home.  Or dorm room, or bedroom, or apartment, or loft, or whatever.  You can do this.  Twenty minutes at a time can seriously add up.  I have proof.

Tomorrow you’ll see the results of day one of Studio Week.  Are you excited? I’m excited.  You should be excited. See you then!

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  1. You’ve been doing so good! I can’t wait to see how you transform this space! (Pst, I’m dracoangelica over on tumblr n that’s how I’ve been stalking you. Go you!)

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