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The Importance of Rest


I took another mostly-mental health day today, as I am apparently sick for reals.  I still feel better than yesterday, but it was nice to chill out a bit.  Dashing stayed home from work as well, so we pretty much vegged on the couch with the cat and watched Canadian murder mysteries.  We really needed this time to recover. But now that I’ve taken some time off, I need to start moving forward again.  I’m feeling a lot more energized, so unless I wake up feeling sick tomorrow, it’s time to get back to work.

PM 20/10s: Linen Closet

The linen closet was technically part of Hall Week, but at the time this closet was nearly empty.  Then I did all the laundry and cleaned out the bathrooms, and suddenly I had a bunch of stuff in here.  It also became the temporary home for my office supplies until I could set up my new office area.  (Which, by the way, needs to be reimagined, as I discovered the space I’d planned would not work out after all.)

pre uf linen closet

Good thing it was clean before I started adding stuff to it…

The bins held all sorts of toiletries and tools.  I designated one small toolbox to live up here, then all the rest of the tools went back down to the basement.  Now I should have a screwdriver when I need it.  No more hunting all over the house!  I tossed any of the lotions and potions that were out of date and reorganized the bins to be more accessible.  The most amusing thing was discovering the sheer number of Band-Aids we had in the house!  I collected at least 10 boxes of them.  A couple of years ago, I bought this set of three boxes of Band-Aids at Costco.  Since the original contents had mostly been used up, I took the boxes I found around the house and distributed them among the plastic containers.  Now there’s a set of Band-Aids for each floor, and the cardboard boxes are gone.

Our sheets and towels each have a shelf all to themselves.  I think this space got so crammed at first because I tried to store everything in here, but by packing up the summer sheets and holiday towels, each shelf has some breathing room.  It will be nice not to have to dig for a clean hand towel, or wonder if we have enough pillowcases when we change the sheets.

The floor of the closet is now home for extra bathroom tissue and a big bag of kitty litter.  This should be a lot more economical than buying smaller bags more often.  I collected all the kitty supplies into a single smaller shoebox.  After years of having toiletries in separate bins, it’s nice to have them all together in one spot.  We’ll also have space for cough syrup and such, meaning we won’t have to store them on the bathroom vanities any longer.  Since I’m moving to closed bins and shoeboxes in here, the colorful baskets can be used in my studio instead – I’ll have plenty of use for them in there.

I think it’s a pretty attractive closet now!  Once I have daylight again I’ll take more pics. :)


Today’s reward was taking some time off with my husband.  I really needed it after feeling so overwhelmed on Sunday and Monday.

Tomorrow I start work on the Studio.  I desperately want this room to be amazing, and soon!! See you then!


  1. Great job! I try to tackle one room a day for cleaning, and use Saturday for my special projects like decluttering an area. That works well for me. Then I have my evenings for knitting!

  2. I know you wanted to get further along, but I think you earned a break, if only to stop and enjoy all you’ve already done.

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