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In Search of Bare Walls

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pre uf left wall of studio

I adore the green bins but never know what to do with them.

I had a lot of unused or ill-used space on this side of the room.  The shelves were mostly empty, as were most of the green bins.  The table was intended to give me some working area in here, but instead it’s been a floor hog.  This is where I’ve kept my drum carder, table loom, daylight lamp, and other specialty tools like my fiber combs and blocking wires.  Now the table is out for good.  Lilith gets to take it with her when she moves, so I know it’s going to a good home.  I’ve loved the table for a long time but it just doesn’t fit in our home anymore.  Next month, I hope to put a cozy chair in here instead.

still during uf back wall & left side of room

Note the absence of bags on the floor

Better, yes?  I think this is better.  The bags and boxes are all gone.  I have a huge pile of baskets in another room, just from emptying these out.

Feeling emboldened, I continued around the room.  Lilith took the antique flax wheel with her, as well as a giant bin and my old wicker hamper, which gave me even more room to move.  I cleared off a wire rolling rack, emptied even MORE bags and baskets, and then opened up the two silver bins at the back of the top pic.  One contained three ancient sets of hand cards (fiber tools), as well as two large plastic totes of spinning wheel accoutrements.  The other bin had more Grammy yarn.  I tossed three bags of trash before I was through today.

pre uf right wall & closet

Not AS daunting, but still totally daunting

This is pretty much what’s left to sort through.  The green drawers are mostly empty, and most of the floor space is being taken up by baskets and those two giant bins.  I’m letting the bins air out overnight, then they’ll be repacked with my shop stock and given a home in the closet.  The baskets are going to be a project all on their own, because I happen to adore baskets, but I just don’t have a good space for them.  I’ll have to find new homes for some of them.

On the plus side, this really is the majority of what’s left.  I might get through all of it on Sunday with Lilith, at which point we’ll just need to move all the furniture out and prep for painting.  I’m getting closer!

While I cleaned today, I threw open the curtains to let in some light.  Blue sky is precious these days!

snowstorm 2014

Gorgeous day!

Today’s rewards included feeling actual sunlight on my face and being able to stand in the Studio without tripping over things.  I also found a batch of fiber I thought I’d already spun, so that was a nice surprise.

Tomorrow I work on the Man Cave with Dashing in order to catch up after last week’s rescheduling.  I’m being a little aggressive with the schedule but I think we will get through most, if not all, of it.  Looking forward to finishing THAT project.  See you soon!

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  1. Yay, new stuff for me, and less clutter for you! I’m enjoying watching this transformation, both on the blog and in person. You’ve made SO much progress on the studio these last few days, and it’ll be so much fun to paint it and make it a whole new room. :)

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