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Ever Closer, Ever Cleaner


First day of vacation!  It took literally ALL my willpower to do some cleaning today, but I did it!  I got a lot accomplished today, so let’s get right into it!

The Little Stuff

I did a whole lot of little things this morning, kind of as a warm-up to get me in the mood to clean.  Last night I washed a load of dishes at – get this – 3:30 AM.  I was up late watching the Olympics, then working on a blog post.  I was exhausted, so I was all ready to go to bed, when I realized my sink was full of dishes.  Old Me would have left them, but New Me can’t seem to handle dirty dishes anymore? Or something?  Anyway, they’re done.  That meant I could wake up to a clean kitchen, which is seriously the most relaxing thing.

Because my kitchen was clean, I had space to prep a big batch of bread dough. (Have you checked out Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day yet? And if not, WHY NOT??)  While the baguettes baked, I cleaned out the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and one of the drawers, something that’s been on my to-do list for far too long.  With the shelf clean, I had room for the bowl of unused dough.  Since I made a huge pot of beef stew last night, between that and the bread I had dinner covered.

Which means I had no more excuses.  Bread made, kitchen cleaned, and trash emptied, I headed upstairs to work on the Studio!

AM 20/10s: Studio Right Wall

Of all the areas in the Studio, this has always been the most active area. It’s closest to the door, and the cubes almost all have drawers that contain yarn and fiber.  I sorted most of the contents by type, so whenever I’ve needed something for a project, I’d come here.  The downfall is that the tops of the cubes always collect clutter, and the floor in front of them became a landing place for everything.

pre uf right wall studio

Not joking, this was the most organized portion of the room.

I’m switching from the green drawers to lidded plastic bins.  That should prevent further snacking by pests.  I also decided to take the 3×3 cubes and put them on the back wall, where the sewing table is now.  The sewing table will move to the wall under the thread rack, which is where it used to live.

Here’s how the right-hand wall looks now!

mostly done uf left wall studio

Getting there!

And another view:

pre uf right wall


mostly done uf right wall 2

Now it feels so EMPTY

You may notice there’s still one massive thing left on the top of the cubes…that would be a PORTION of my spindle collection.  To be fair, though, it’s mostly my “school” spindles, of which I have many.  I keep them on hand for my students.

spindle problem

I totally do not have a spindle problem.

I took a bunch of the bags that had things jumbled up in them and sorted through each one.  I think I did six or seven bags in all.  I separated the items into four categories: office/art, yarn, crafting/jewelry, and sewing.  This is going to make it a lot easier to determine what kind of storage I realistically need.

The room isn’t done, but it’s looking a lot better than it was!

Today’s rewards included discovering a huge batch of yarn that had NOT been attacked.  How awesome is that??  There was also the fresh bread with dinner, which I wouldn’t have made if my kitchen had been dirty!

Tomorrow, I try to finish sorting and clearing out the Studio in preparation for painting.  It’ll depend on how much time I have before the snow starts (yep, another storm on the way) and whether or not I can make it to the store.  See you then!


  1. Oh I sooo feel ya on cleaning! My house looks like a craft tornado went through LOL!! I just got a pottery kiln and that forced me to get at least our basement pretty organized, of course who knows how long it will last LOL!! I love love love your huge collection of needles and spindles! Totally random as I’m NOT a spindle user, is there an average length for the tool? I ask because I’m in the process of created a fun needle holder for crafters and would love to include spindles in the mix! And no I hadn’t heard of the book but I’m all for ANYTHING that makes bread making that simple!!!

    • Oh my gosh, a pottery wheel?? That’s on my list of “things I want some day omg”. Every chance I’ve had to use one, I’ve loved it. That would be a cool craft to get into…hmmmmmmm! ;)

      Spindles can be any length – I have some that are 4″ long and some that are 36″ – but the average length tends to be between 8″-11″ long. Spindle whorls are almost always permanently attached, so keep that in mind if your holder is meant to be flat. That’s why I use mugs and vases to hold my collection – they can kind of splay like a bouquet of flowers. :)

      You definitely should check out the book! I love it so much I bought the revised edition even though I had a much-used original edition. There is nothing like having fresh bread with very little work! :D

  2. Your drop(throw) spindle collection amazes me. I have a couple and I don’t do well with them. I do much better on my wheel…which sadly needs some attention (I’ve not spun on him in quite awhile and I think he’s feeling neglected). I tried to learn on my spindles but we’re just not friends. Oh well.

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