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I believe in a high-fiber diet…like wool, alpaca, cashmere…

Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

As I teach, learn, and experience new things in the textile world, I want to share it all with everyone. Every so often, I’ll add to this selection. If you would like a printable copy of any of these articles, please ask me. I also don’t mind if you link to my pages, but please, PLEASE do not copy/paste them onto your site/page/blog/whatever. Though I don’t get any money from these, I did put a lot of work and thought into them and would prefer that people read them here directly.

Feel free to ask questions or suggest other topics you’d like to see!

Upcoming topics in no particular order:

  • Dyeing silk in the microwave (easy peasy!)
  • Observations in spinning certain fibers
  • Textile notions and how they’re used
  • The organization saga–how I am transforming a super-cluttered living room into an organized working studio
  • Spinning tools and how they’re used
  • What every knitter’s bag should contain (and possibly, what every spinner’s bag should contain, too!)
  • Drop-spindle spinning basics

I’m also looking into doing a few short videos. What would you like to see in real motion?

Tell me what you think.

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