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Proofreading Rates & Info

Welcome!  Below you’ll find information about hiring me as a Proofreader or Line Editor for your next project.  I look forward to hearing from you!

I have been a writer for over 30 years, specializing in history, romance, fantasy and sci-fi.  A lifelong voracious reader, I was one of those kids who had her nose in a book at every opportunity.  My streak of perfectionism caused me to develop a hatred of misplaced apostrophes in particular.  Typos leap off the page at me—not just misspelled words but also misused words and repeated phrases.

While I think it’s okay to bend or even break the rules of grammar if the project calls for it, I find errors in a published work to be unacceptable.  Using the wrong form of a word or a comma in the wrong place can confuse your reader and make them question the validity of your writing.  My job is to help you get your message out clearly.  I work quickly, thoroughly, and thoughtfully.  Over the years, I’ve worked with friends and colleagues on a wide variety of projects, including:

  • short stories
  • poetry
  • self-published novels
  • traditionally-published novels
  • term papers
  • theses
  • cover letters
  • SEO articles
  • textbook copy

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them.  I can be contacted at divinebird@gmail.com.  Please put “Proofreading Request” in the Subject line.

Looking for References?

  • Contact author and developmental editor RJ Blain  on Google+ or email her at blain.rj @ gmail.com (remove spaces).
  • Contact author Dawn Metcalf on Facebook

The Proofreading Process:

I do not take all work that comes across my desk, though I certainly try to!  Each project has a 2-week-maximum turnaround time unless discussed in advance.  When accepting new work, I like to have a one-chapter sample to get a sense of what to expect.  I prefer to use Microsoft Word 2013, though I can use Google Docs if needed.  All documents should be in .doc or .docx format if using Word, or saved as a Google Doc and shared with me.

While I’ll work with a clean first draft, it’s best if you give me something you’ve already gone over a few times, as any changes I make could be lost if you edit further.  Once I accept your work, I will email you with some brief notes, a projected delivery date, and an agreement for you to “sign” by replying in the affirmative.  Then I’ll send you a PayPal invoice, and once I receive payment, I’ll get right to work!

If you want me to look at a project a second time (for instance, after you’ve made significant revisions, or as a last-minute check before you publish), you may be eligible for a reduced rate.  Please do talk to me about it if this is something you need.


Things I DO correct include:  Things I DO NOT correct include: 
  • Typos
  • Misspelled words
  • Capitalization
  • Incorrect word usage
  • Irregular formatting
  • Punctuation
  • Repeated words
  • Basic grammar
  • Style
  • Plot or character development
  • Foreign languages (though I am familiar with French and Italian, and will make notes if anything jumps out at me)
  • Rewriting prose (however, I will mark any passages that don’t make sense to the reader)
  • I am not comfortable with proofing horror stories or gore/excessive violence


Rates & Terms

Terms: 50% up front, 50% upon completion, paid via PayPal to divinebird@gmail.com.
Fiction up to 50k words $200
Fiction 50k – 100k words $400
Fiction 100k and up To be determined
Heavy editing (in addition to base rate) $50 per 50k words, rounded up
Poetry and Papers up to 10k words $.04 per word


Choose the Proofing Style That’s Right for You:

1.  Track Changes

Using the Track Changes feature in Word, I’ll make the changes I think the document needs.  Anything that requires more than a simple change will be noted with the Comment feature.  This is the simplest and fastest way to see what I’ve done.  You can then accept all or some of the changes as you see fit.

2.  Marking Errors

This is the most labor-intensive method, but it gives you the most control.  I will mark errors and changes in-line with the document using a purple font color. Each correction will be preceded by ** so you can do a search on the document for the things that need your attention.  You make the changes, treating my notes as a suggestion.  This also works well if you don’t have a recent version of Word.

3.  Trust Me

Errors needing your input will be marked by ** in purple and/or marked with a comment, but minor typos (such as “yuo” instead of “you”) will be corrected without comment or indication.  This gives you less to focus upon, but requires that you trust my judgement.

4.  Custom Style

You may have a specific way you want me to mark your document.  I’m willing to accommodate you as much as possible.  Anything convoluted or requiring extra steps may require an additional $50 per project.  However, we will always discuss any additional fees before I begin.


Again, if you have questions or an unusual project to discuss, please email me at divinebird@gmail.com.  I look forward to working with you!

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